2019 TeamKID Curriculum

The Prophets:

January 30: Meeting 20: God's new Covenant
February 6: Meeting 21: God Shepherds His People
February 13: Meeting 22: God Trains Faithful Exiles
February 20: Meeting 23: God's Great Mercy
February 27: Meeting 24: God Prepares the Way

The Gospels:
March 20: God Does the Impossible
March 27: God Requires Repentence
April 3: No TeamKID - Spring Break
April 10: God Died and Rose Again for Sinners

History, Letters, & Apocalypse:
April 17: God's Gospel Is for Everyone
April 24: God's Followers Share Their Faith
May 1: God Reconciles Sinners to Himself
May 8: God is Above All
May 15: God is the Perfecter of Faith
May 22: Last Meeting & End of Year Parties in Class