What Do I Wear?

Clothes. That's our only request! We're more concerned about the person on the inside rather than the image on the outside. Whatever you want to wear is great. Our staff, including our pastor, favors jeans.


Will It Be Interesting?

We believe so.  We are a loving church and our motto is "Do What is Right". 


Will I be Asked to Give Money? 

Nope, but if you feel you have received a blessing and are moved to, we will accept anything.  You are our guest - so please - relax, make yourself at home and enjoy the service.


What Kind of Music Do You Have?

The TLWC Band (with electric guitar, drums, the whole deal) plays contemporary music.  The words are displayed on a monitor.  We are a hand clapping, Amening type of church.  The TLWC Band is led by our Music Minister, Heath Glisson, and consists of members of TLWC.  The music is a blessing in itself. 


What About My Children?

Our number one goal is for you to be able to fully enjoy the adult service knowing that your child is having a great time in a safe environment.


Sunday Mornings 10:00 am

Nursery for ages NB - 2. 

Nursery Class for ages 2 - 4. 

Children's Church (located in the kitchen) for ages 5 - 5th Grade. 


Youth Group (middle school - high school) is held on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. 


CHAOS (Children Honoring and Obeying the Savior) is on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. C.H.A.O.S is a high energy, fun way to grow your child’s relationship with Christ. With a Bible based lesson, Weekly Memory Challenge, “Get up and Dance” praise, and “Let Loose” games, your child has an opportunity to learn in an environment that is always fun!  Children are rewarded quarterly with awards and outings!